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Friday, June 17, 2011

Life's Still A Beach

Day 86/Year 2
More from the beach. I *think* this is a Laughing Gull. I have been searching an ID on this bird and it's pretty confusing.....there are so many different species of gulls and terns.
However, I *think* this next one is a Herring Gull.....but it's pretty ironic. Just take a look at him.......he surely looks like he's "laughing", huh? :-)
Here's Diane taking a shot from the Sandwich Boardwalk:

And a white Beach Rose:


  1. Great shot & I believe you are right. It is a Laughing Gull. These gulls are plentiful up the Maine coast & I have been told that it's unusual to see them this far south.

  2. Thanks Diane,
    You and I once again were wildlife magnets and hit it right, huh? What a fun day....but then again, we always have fun on our adventures. Looking forward to the next one!