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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Transformation and beauty taking flight

Day 95/Year 2
We attended a remembrance service this morning for "Auntie Ginny"............Mr. S's Aunt........the sister of my wonderful Mother-In-Law.
 Auntie Ginny passed away on May 26th in Florida. Her wishes were for a service to be held at her hometown church here in Massachusetts. It was a beautiful service and it was a very special time to spend with extended family. It's times like today that bring family together, and it was so nice to see those we haven't seen for a while.
I know Auntie Ginny was there with us today, and I know how proud she is of her family, especially her daughter Linda, who made sure her Mom's wishes were carried out.
After the service, there was a ceremony in the garden outside the church where Monarch Butterflies were released. So beautiful......... and a wonderful symbol of transformation.
This is Alex enjoying the butterflies. What an adorable little boy with a sense of adventure, yet a gentle spirit while handling the fragile butterflies. I, for one, was very impressed with his demeanor. What a cutie-pie!!!!

Virginia Mae Norris Pellegrini
May 6, 1928-May 26, 2011

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