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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We dodged a bullet

Day 70/Year 2
My sister Nancy and I are self proclaimed "weather geeks". So, when today's severe storms hit here in Massachusetts, I found myself glued to the tv reports as well as on the phone with my sister, comparing weather reports. It just amazes me how quickly the information is sent out to us in this age of technology. Seeing the tornados forming on the Doppler immediate telephone coverage on the news with witnesses at the scene, to immediate video of one of the tornados traveling past a news camera perched atop a the next tornado forming on Doppler cell phone pictures sent to the news station to be broadcasted...........just amazing. Dinner was put on the table later than usual here in my house. I was too obsessed with the tv reports. We got some heavy rain, thunder, and lightning here in Southeast MA, but thankfully nothing severe.
The Specs:
Panasonic LX3, ISO 800, 1/60, f2.8

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