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Friday, April 30, 2021

Halifax MA Springtime

 Each time I've passed by the Halifax Congregational Church and Town Hall, I've always made a mental note that I should stop there some time with my camera. The other day I was home thinking about somewhere to go to take some Spring photos and I remembered this location.

I first went around back where there is a beautiful old cemetery. 

 With the 11-16 mm wide lens on my camera, I got down as low as possible (actually positioned my camera on my sneaker) to get the dandelions in the forefront of this shot.

I then went out front and shot this one from the same low perspective. I wanted to give the dandelions some prominence in the scene, as I wanted to capture the feeling of Springtime.

And one more low perspective 

Here is the town hall which is adjacent to the church

Hoping to get out this weekend with my camera to capture some more Spring photos of New England. I hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Words For Wednesday 4/21/2021

 "Children see magic because they look for it"

---------Christopher Moore

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Words For Wednesday 4/14/2021

"In order to see birds, it is necessary to become part of the silence."

Male House Sparrow.....breeding plumage:

Female House Sparrow:

Photos taken this morning at Nelson Park in Plymouth MA

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Words For Wednesday 4/7/2021


"Every day may not be good....
But there is something good in every day"
        ----Alice Morse Earl

I hope you find your something good today. xxoo

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Words For Wednesday

 "What's broken can be mended.

What hurts can be healed.

And no mater how dark it gets,

the sun is going to rise again"

               ----Author unknown

This quote and the following photos I've recently taken reflect how I feel. I will be returning to work  (light duty with minimal walking) on Monday!

This first photo was a sunrise in Scituate MA taken from the parking lot of the Scituate Yacht Club. I couldn't go down on the beach, as I still can't walk on uneven surfaces ie: sand and rocks. I made this unique composition and was happy to come away with this photo I otherwise never would have taken if not for my limitations.

                                                  "A new day is dawning"

Another recent sunrise. This one taken at Sandy Beach in Cohasset before the sun rose. I was with members of my camera club, but they were all shooting from the beach. I stayed in the parking lot to be safe, and pulled out my 150-600 mm lens to get this shot.

"I'm ready to spread my wings and fly"

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.......with a new perspective!

Stay safe and well my friends xxoo

Thursday, March 11, 2021

My bench project Hobart Pond Whitman MA

 We are having a touch of Spring weather this week in Southern New England. I hope the weather is also nice in your neck of the woods. I went out for a "walk" with a few of my friends yesterday. It was my first time out with them since last Fall and it was great to see them and catch up. It was more like a slow stroll, but I am able to "stroll" now!!! I still have pain when I walk and still have a significant limp but I'm walking and pushing myself to deal with the pain, as I'm probably going to have it for a while. Not complaining......just being realistic. I knew from the beginning that this wasn't going to be easy. 

We went to Hobart Pond in Whitman because there's a flat paved walking path which is what I needed. I strolled part way but had to sit after a bit as I couldn't go too far. Here's the bench I sat on while waiting for my friends to return. 

I decided to give myself a project while I was waiting..... and make photographs of my surroundings from the bench. I'd like to call it my bench project. :-)

Frozen in time:

Waiting for Spring:

Nature Underfoot:

Reaching Out:

Soaring above me:


And my final shot from my bench project is where I felt my photography mojo coming back after such a long break. I titled this one "Skip" which was written on the back of my bench. I opened up the aperture to focus on "skip" and to blur my friends in the background who were heading back to me and the bench. 

I enjoyed my day outdoors. I enjoyed the time with my friends, and most of all I enjoyed taking photos again and challenging myself to take photos from my surroundings while sitting on a bench.

Hope you are doing well and safe! xxoo

Monday, February 22, 2021

Maple Syrup Season

 A true harbinger of Spring. Our next door neighbor tapped the maple trees and the sap is already running into the buckets.

Another harbinger of change.......I used my camera for the first time today since November 2020 to take this shot. I stood on my covered deck out back to take it. 

I'm healing and am out of the boot and able to walk wearing a sneaker. Yay! I still have a significant limp and still don't have full range of motion and am walking with the assistance of a walker, but the progress I am making is significant. 

I hope all is well in your world!