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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Sunrise Hull MA

 Last weekend the smoke from the fires out in California traveled through the air stream all the way to New England. This caused some pretty colorful sunrises and sunsets. I headed to the beach to catch the sunrise on Sunday morning.

There is starting to be a definite Fall feel to the air here. It won't be long before Mother Nature puts on her big show.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Coastal Maine Labor Day Weekend

 ****Reminder***** Blogger is no longer sending email notifications when a new blog post goes up so please check here periodically for new blog posts. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend up in Maine. The weather was perfect. Sunny days with temps in the 70's and cool crisp nights with lows in the 40's and 50's. There was definitely a Fall feel in the air. This was a family trip, not a dedicated photography trip. Most of these photos are just "record" shots taken in the middle of the day with poor lighting conditions........but...........I did use my camera for some of these (others are from cell phone). It felt great to use my camera again. 

Nubble Light in York Maine Friday morning,

Me and Mr S:

Beach roses

Iconic Reds Eats in Wiscasset ME along Route 1. There's always a long line of patrons waiting to buy their famous lobster roll.

A touch of early Fall colors in Blue Hill Maine

Winter Harbor

Lobster cart vendor in Winter Harbor where we bought lobster rolls for lunch on Saturday. They were really good.

 Frenchman's Bay

Grindstone Neck in Winter Harbor
(My favorite shot of the weekend taken w my camera)

Birch Harbor

Late Saturday afternoon into late Saturday night we attended a Labor Day party at Mr S's cousin's house in Holden. It was a lot of fun. There were 8 different bands performing. The music, the food, the company, the atmosphere were all so good for the soul. 

Video of cousin Greg playing an original song

Please enlarge screen when viewing the videos  

Cousin Brian

I hope you also enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend and should have more photos to share here on the blog. Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Just An Update

 Hello!!! I hope all is well in your world. I recently found out that Blogger no longer sends email notifications when a new blog is posted. This is extremely frustrating to me and I'm working with another friend/blogger trying to find a resolution to this. My friends blog is here. Please check it out.

Please visit her blog for some beautiful photography.

So, in the meantime, you will have to periodically come here to the blog to check for any recent posts. I'm so sorry for this inconvenience. 

I'm still  (semi) out of commission if you can believe that. I had surgery number two about two weeks ago and had the staples removed today. I'm fine but just have limited range of motion. Not ideal for a photographer but I'm working very hard in PT and hoping for the best. 

We attended a gorgeous wedding this weekend at The Barn At Bradstreet Farm in Rawley MA. This is a gorgeous venue and the weather was a perfect ten. 

This corner was begging to be photographed as the sun was setting. I had my IPhone w me.....recently got the 13Pro which I'm happy with.

A few other fun photos I took of my friends out back at the vineyard. I'm certainly not a portrait photographer, but we had a lot of fun.
One of my BFF'S, Nancy

Nancy and Tony

Another BFF, Mary and Paul

Don't typically post myself on the blog. This was taken by our good friend Tony.

It was so good to be out with friends and having fun after this Summer of recuperation. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming Labor Day Weekend. Stay tuned for some New England Photos! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Vermont Fall Foliage Memories

 I still haven't been out to shoot any new material, as I'm still recovering from surgery. I've been going through some of my older Fall Vermont photos. This time of year is always filled with anticipation of the upcoming foliage season, which is my favorite time of year for photography.

Here are some favorites taken way back in 2010!

It will be interesting to see how the drought conditions effect the foliage this year. I know that in past drought years, the foliage in Vermont has been very vibrant. I'm hoping it will be that way this year as well, however we never really know what Mother Nature has in store for us,

Thursday, July 21, 2022

It's Been A While

It's been quite a while since I've posted. I had surgery back in early June and I'm still recovering. I'm fine and will make a complete recovery, just takes time. 

I haven't been out with my camera since May but have taken a few snapshots with my phone. Nothing great, but here's a few phone shots......

I went out with "the reds" one day. Ryleigh was using my old Nikon D90 and she had a ball taking some pretty damn good photos! Here's my three precious reds. They're all growing way too fast. 

Here's a fun shot taken by Ryleigh. She noticed the reflections in the sunglasses (this girl has a great eye!)

A few other cell phone shots taken by me.

I hope you're doing well and staying cool in this extremely hot weather. Thanks for viewing and promise to have some new material to share here very soon. xxoo

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Bald Eagles Nest

 Here are some recent happenings at the Bald Eagles nest from yesterday's visit. When I arrived, there was an adult sitting on a branch to the right of the nest.

There were two eaglets that I could see in the nest. The first one was on the left side of the nest....

The second one was on the right side of the nest.

The eaglets have gotten so big in such a short time!

After waiting around for over an hour hoping to see some action, the other adult flew in with a fish in it's talons, and dropped it into the nest. Unfortunately, he surprised me from the angle that he flew in from and I wasn't prepared to capture the flight. Here he is looking into the nest after he dropped the fish to the babies.

You can see the other adult still perched on the branch in this next shot.

The adult that flew in eventually went over to the branch under the other adult.

This last shot shows both adults as well as one of the eaglets stretching it's wings inside the nest. The wings are huge!

It was a fun day. I also took some other wildlife photos yesterday which I will share on the next blog post. Thank you for visiting the blog.

Thursday, May 19, 2022


While out and about with my camera the other day, I found this adorable family. There was a mother and father goose, and four adorable goslings.

I love this shot:

I kind of love this one too:

And this peek a boo shot makes me smile:

These fluffy butts are just too adorable. Heading back up to their siblings and soon after they all said goodbye. I was happy to have spent a little bit of time with these cuties.