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Monday, September 17, 2018

Photographing Vermont's Fall Foliage

As the Fall foliage season is just about upon us, I'd like to remind you about the book that I co-wrote with my good friend Andy Richards........Photographing Vermont's Fall Foliage......Where To Find The Iconic Shots.......2nd Edition

This e-book is a wonderful resource not only for photographers, but also for leaf peepers. We provide directions to some of the most beautiful locations in Vermont, usually with gps coordinates as well. We also tell you in most instances where to safely park your car and provide an example from each location taken by one of us.

This e-book is available to download on and the apple itunes bookstore. 

Cover photo taken by my co author, Andy Richards.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sunflowers, Tangerini's Spring Street Farm

A few weeks ago I went back to Tangerini's Farm with some friends to photograph the sunflowers and have a delicious lunch. This visit the weather was not as hot as it was when I went with Miss J and the kids.

On this first photo I was able to catch a bee and a butterfly on one of the sunflowers....

Was happy to catch the butterfly in flight......

Unfortunately, the sunflowers were past bloom, so I needed to get creative with my shots, as the opportunity to shoot the sunflowers was minimal. I decided to slow down the shutter speed and zoom the lens as I clicked the shutter.

As always, it was a fun day and lunch was delicious. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Life Goes On

Once again I must tell you the reason for my absence. My dear Father In Law has passed away. He was diagnosed with cancer in July and immediately put on Hospice care. He passed away in our home on September 3rd. He was surrounded by loving family members during his last week of life. 

He was a true American hero....a very proud Veteran who was very active in the local American Legion Post. It was fitting for him to have a military send off. In this photo, you can see the flag draped casket being saluted by two representatives of the US Navy, as his body was being taken to his final resting place.

It also was very fitting to have a Patriotic Prayer Card for him. I was honored to have the family choose one of my photographs to be used on the Prayer Card.

I am lucky to have had such a wonderful man as my Father In Law. This has been a very difficult year, as I have lost both of my "Fathers". Life goes on, but it goes on with some very large voids that can never be replaced.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Foggy morning photographs, Barton VT

One morning last week in Vermont we woke up to a thick layer of fog. I took a ride with my camera to look for some photo opportunities. I LOVE to photograph in the fog. Bad weather makes for some of the most dramatic photographs.

Barton Village draped in fog:

I've passed this stand of pine trees probably hundreds of times without giving them a second thought, but when I passed by them on this morning, I hit the brakes and stopped to make some photographs. I love the dramatic mood that the fog brings to these images.

The sun trying to burn through the fog. This was taken at a higher elevation, and the fog was extremely thick up there.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Summer Scenes In Vermont

I had a wonderful vacation last week up in Barton happy place. Here are a few landscape photographs that I took:

This is a farm along Rte 16 in Barton. We passed by this on our first day, and when I saw the sunflowers, I made a mental note to return here with my camera the following morning.

The next photos were taken during an early evening drive along one of my favorite roads in The Northeast Kingdom......Darling Hill Road which runs from East Burke to Lyndonville.

One afternoon on our way back from Montpelier, I stopped at Flagg Pond in Stannard to take a few pictures, seeing as though we were in the area. This is a remote beautiful little pond that I discovered a few years ago. It's not very well known and not often photographed by others, but I think it's a true gem, especially in the Fall where some of my favorite Fall images were taken.

One of my favorite things to do in Vermont is to explore the back roads and travel off the beaten path to look for photo opportunities. One morning last week I took off by myself and discovered this scene on one of the many dirt back roads. This was taken in Glover. This is more or less a record shot, as I am planning on returning here this Fall, as I feel this scene has some promise to make a decent Fall image. At least I hope so!

More photos from VT will be posted this week.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Boston's Seaport

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I went into the Boston Seaport on Friday evening. It was a beautiful night to walk through the Fort Point Channel/Seaport district.

Abstract building reflections:

The blue hour light:

One of the final shots of the evening. This was with a higher ISO as it was getting pretty dark out.

It was a lovely evening with a beautiful breeze. This is such a beautiful area of Boston. There were many people out walking through the area enjoying the city. Boston is such a beautiful city and I feel lucky to live so close.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Tangerini's Spring Street Farm Sunflowers

I thought I was hot on Tuesday at the Patriots Training Camp in Foxboro. Well, the very next day I went to Tangerinis Farm in Millis MA to pick sunflowers with Miss J and the kids. was brutally hot out in the sunny fields. We didn't last more than 10-15 minutes out there. I didn't take too many photos, but here are a couple that I took.

We were all happier in the shade having our lunch at the Farmers Porch, where all farm to table fresh delicious and nutritious food is served.

I hope to return here on another day that's not so hot with my camera if the sunflowers last for another week. I will be away all next week but hope to go back to this farm the week after my vacation. It's also a good excuse to go for a yummy lunch as well!