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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Boston Public Garden

On Mother's Day, I went into the Boston Public Garden Garden for a dawn shoot. It's always so quiet and peaceful there on an early Sunday morning, and the parking is free along the streets on Sundays which is an added bonus.
Here is the sun rising between the buildings behind the swan boats. The light was magical but only lasted a few minutes. 

Taken from the footbridge

George Washington statue. Most of the tulips around the garden had gone past, but the ones around George were still really pretty.

Boston is such a beautiful city. I feel fortunate to live so close. 

Monday, May 15, 2023

More Local Spring Wildlife

 Here are some more Spring wildlife images taken over the past few weeks.

 I love this Red Winged Blackbird who was chirping away:

Was surprised to find this Killdeer at a nearby pond in Whitman MA:

This is a photo of osprey mating:

Great Egret flyby:

No mistaking this Red Tailed Hawk flying overhead:

Baltimore Oriole at Jenny Pond in Plymouth:

Song Sparrow singing at Jenny Pond:

Another surprise. This is a Greater Yellowlegs I found one day at Reeds Pond in Rockland:

If you're a regular follower of the blog, you know that each Spring I enjoy spending time at the various Herring Runs in the area. It's tough to capture these fish with the camera because of their incredible speed, but with some persistence I was able to catch this one jumping the other evening in Weymouth:

A Black Crowned Night Heron taking a drink along the Herring Run in Weymouth:

Friday, May 12, 2023

Spring Cygnets and Goslings

 I hope you are enjoying your Spring. I've been out and about with my camera  with the 150-600 mm lens attached. I just love this time of year for bird photography, especially with the newly born cygnets and goslings.

Jenny Pond in Plymouth MA:

I've been here photographing on several occasions. The swans at Jenny Pond had 7 cygnets hatch. They were adorable. I say "were" because sadly all 7 of them vanished one afternoon. The thought is that the Mom took them over to a corner of the pond where the water drains down to Brewster Gardens below. It is thought that sadly, all 7 cygnets drowned.

Here are a few photos taken the day after these little cygnets were born:

Hitching a ride and taking a nap on Mamas back:

A few days ago I found 4 Canada Geese families at Reeds Pond in Rockland MA:

The Abington cygnets were also born about a week ago. Eight cygnets were born, but a few days ago one of the cygnets lost it's life either due to a snapping turtle or perhaps got strangled in fishing line. I've been down there a few times with my camera:

There's more bird and Spring happenings to post on the next blog so stay tuned. I hope these tiny fluff balls have put a smile on your face. 

Friday, April 7, 2023

Catching up with more photos

 Continuing on with more photos taken over the Winter. On January 31st, we got another inch or two of snow here, so once again, I went out with my camera just to take a few photos near my home in Abington.

March 15th I went to Marshfield and Scituate to take some beach photos. It was an extremely blustery and cold day.

This next photo was also taken in March, but it was a beautiful and sunny 60 degree day. This was taken along a walk at Nantasket Beach in Hull.

On another beautiful day in May, I went to Jenny Pond in Plymouth to take a walk w my camera. This is one of my favorite places to go in the Spring, so you will be seeing more photos of this location in the coming weeks.

Here is a bald eagle that I spotted in a nearby location

Will continue catching up with photos on the next blog post. Thank you for visiting the blog.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

How was your Winter?

 I know that it's been a very long time since I have posted here on the blog. I've been searching for ways for the followers to be able to get notifications when I post, but can't seem to find a solution. I was giving up on posting on the blog, but recently have been thinking about it a lot so today I decided to get back on it. 

I have done some shooting since I last posted. I'll give a recap of some of the photos that I've taken over the Winter.

First snow...........It was a mainly snowless Winter here in Southern New England. One morning in late December I woke up to a few inches of snow that had fallen overnight. I grabbed my camera and went out the door to capture the beauty at Cross Street Farm in Norwell MA.

And then went to Hornstra Farms in Norwell

Then I went to Peaceful Meadows in Whitman MA. I titled this one "Frozen In Time"

In February I went to Kennedy's Garden Center with my camera club to photograph flowers. This is a yearly thing that we do every Winter to give us a feeling of Spring. I used my macro lens for all of these photos.

Tomorrow I will post more photos taken this Winter. I hope two things.........I hope you are reading this even though you didn't get a notification :-) but most importantly I hope you are doing well!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Vermont NEK Fall Foliage 2022

 Today's blog post is showcasing images from the first two days of this Fall's trip to Vermont. We arrived in the NEK of VT on Friday September 30th. The foliage was near peak and peak in some areas of the NEK. 

We left home around 5:15 in the morning. This was our first stop to photograph at one of my favorite places, Jobs Pond in Westmore VT. Click on the video to view:

That was a great start! Here is an intimate view of a rock and reflection in the pond.

The three church steeples in Island Pond reflecting in the water. I typically shoot this scene from the State Park across the water, but this year we did some further exploration of the area and found this location that gives a closer view.

The next two photos were taken at Bald Hill Pond in Newark

Just up the road from Bald Hill Pond is Newark Pond. The calm windless morning provided some perfect reflections here.

This red squirrel caught my eye as he was scurrying around the trees. 

My favorite farm in VT is my friend Adam's farm in Barton. I've posted so many photos from this location through the years and no matter when I visit, I always find new and different things to photograph. Adam invited us to go all the way up the hill of his Christmas tree farm. This was my first time viewing the property from this perspective. It's so beautiful.

Another different composition I made here. I've never photographed the sugar house and mailbox and I just love this country shot.

The gothic barn never disappoints. I've photographed it in every season. The tractor added a nice interest to this shot.

The sugarhouse overlooking the pond. I NEVER tire of this scene on this little piece of Heaven on Earth. 

Our last stop of the day was to Wheeler Pond in Barton. The peak colors were glorious!

 From here, we ended the day photographing and went to a friend's 3:00 wedding at the church in Barton followed up with a reception at The East Side in Newport. It was a beautiful wedding! 
The next blog post will feature photos taken on Sunday October 2nd. Stay tuned!