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Friday, May 30, 2014

stony brook wildlife sanctuary

well hello!!!!!! i forgot to mention in my last post that it is my right arm that is out of commission, and i am a righty of course!!!! hence the lack of capitalization. it's kinda tough just using the left hand.

the week before the injury i took a trip to the stony brook wildlife sanctuary in norfolk ma with miss j and ryleigh. we had a wonderful morning spent with nature walking the trails around the pond,

the early spring views from the trail were very pretty

and we saw some wildlife as well

got my first photo of a red squirrel......i only see the grey ones around here

the tree swallows were nesting in the boxes

dad was bringing food back and forth

ryleigh had a fun time, the little diva!!!!!

i am planning on organizing a camera club trip here in the fall. it will be beautiful and i'm looking forward to it!

Friday, May 23, 2014

out of commission

well hello there!!!! i'm sorry that it's been so long since i have posted a blogpost. life sometimes can sure throw us an unexpected curve at times, and this is one of those times for me.

two weeks ago today i took a fall while helping my father from taking a fall. he did not fall thank God.

but i did.

i have a very large fracture running down almost the whole length of my humerus......which is the upper arm bone. most people can fall, break their arm, be put in a cast, and go on with life.

not me.......

my arm is in a splint in a sling, and i have to keep it still. if it moves there is a risk of the fracture shifting and that would be soooooo not good. i sleep in an upright position in the living room and have to be very careful with every move i make. the good news is the severe pain has subsided.

the other good news is that i have watched every single episode of every single program on HGTV.

the other good news is that i don't have to cook dinner anymore. i also don't have to clean the house.

i am such a lucky girl!!!!!!!

but seriously i really do count my blessings and know that things could be so much worse.

this too shall pass.

not quickly but it shall pass. doctor told me yesterday we are looking at probably two more months before i can probably go back to work.

i'm thinking that also means two more months of no photography........

i will miss blogging so i'm planning on occasionally popping on to say hi to you and will give you updates and perhaps share some of my older works that have never been put up on the blog

like this.........i will title this one.........OH DEER!!!!!! which is about how i feel right now!

stay tuned......i will be pulling more stuff out of the archives!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An over-nighter in Northern New England

Mr. S and I took a quick overnight trip up to our home in Barton VT yesterday. We had some business to attend to up there, so there was not much time to be out and about with the camera. (Darn it!)
One of my favorite parts about our drive up there is that we pass through Franconia Notch on our way. I just love driving through the is a beautiful area....the weather condtions change frequently....and you never know what you are going to see as you are driving through.

This is one of the sights we saw yesterday.

"The Last Bit of Frosting"

This morning we visited the Willoughby Falls in Orleans VT....just a short ten minute drive from our place in Barton. The reason for this visit was I was hoping to catch the Rainbow Trout and the Steehead Trout "jumping" as they make their way up to Lake Willoughby to spawn.

Unfortunately, we didn't see any jumpers today. One of the fishermen told me they tend to jump more in the bright was a bit too early in the morning. I will have to remember this for next time, as this is something I would love to witness and photograph. Here is a portion of the Willoughby Falls (sans the jumping trout!)

One of these years I will get it........