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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Go Deep

Happy AFC Championship Game Sunday!!! Are you ready for some football????? We're all ready here in the S Household. The munchies have been purchased, and I have a beef stew cooking for dinner.

So, do you remember when I went out in the snow last week and wasn't happy with any of the landscape images I took? Well, upon second look, I guess some of them weren't as bad as I originally thought.
Here's one which I find pleasing. I was originally feeling that this image didn't have merit and was too busy, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. The eye has a lot of places to look around in this image and then I think it finally rests off in the distant area.
I will end this blog post in the appropriate way........
GO PATS!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Late For School

I caught these two the other morning. They were hurrying, but missed the last bell!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Snow Today

Helloooooo there. We woke up to an inch or two of snow here in SE MA this morning. By the time I headed out around 8:30 am, the snow had already turned to rain. I was hoping to get a decent landscape image. My camera club is having a competition with two other camera clubs and the images need to be taken between Oct 15th and March 15th so I wanted to get my butt out there shooting this morning. Unfortunately for me, I just wasn't "feeling it" for some reason. Could have been the raindrops, could have been the flat light, who knows, but I never did get any 'scapes I was happy with.
I did however visit with a few feathered friends down at Island Pond in Abington. Here is a Muscovy Duck......the pearlescent feather colors were beautiful!

And a graceful swan heading towards the bridge:

I hope you enjoyed your day!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hollywood comes to Hingham

Tonight is the red carpet advance screening of Mark Wahlberg's latest movie, "Broken City" at the Hingham Shipyard.

I went by here today so that I could share the goings-on with all of you here on the blog. I asked my son "N", who is one of Hingham's Finest, if there were any reports of a woman with a camera, driving a silver SUV stalking the shipyard area today. She was accompanied by two elderly people and rumor has it she almost hit Chef Paul Wahlberg as he was crossing the street going from his restaurant Wahlburgers to his other restaurant Alma Nove.
Don't believe rumors......I actually stopped for him and allowed him to cross......he waved to me and smiled.

Here is the movie theatre decked out with the tented red carpet:

And here is Wahlburgers Restaurant being set up for tonight's Red Carpet After-Party:

There will be some Hollywood Celebrities and many local celebrities in attendance tonight including New England Patriots Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork, and Julian Edelman.

Here is a bit of information about the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation:

ABOUT THE FOUNDATION: It is the mission of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation to improve the quality of life for inner city youth through a working partnership with other youth organizations. Our goal is to remove and eliminate barriers that prevent youth from succeeding. Our mission is to assist youth in order to ensure that no child is limited or prevented from attaining their lifetime goal or dream due to financial circumstances. Through the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, we will provide financial and community support to assist in making the dreams and ultimate potential of inner city youth become a reality.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jacobs Pond Sunset

Stopped by Jacobs Lane in Norwell the other day as the sun set over Jacobs Pond.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two Gulls and a Duck

This Gull was all comfy cozy....bathing in the late day sunlight. I just loved his position on the pole as he was laying on his little feet.

This one preferred to stand as he sunbathed on the pole. Actually, both of these gulls were very friendly, and didn't seem to mind my presence at all. They were very obliging, thank you very much! :-)

This poor little Mallard climbed up on the ice to pose for me. I felt so bad for her and I wish she hadn't done it because she was slipping and sliding. I'm afraid she thought I had some food for her, when in fact all I had was my camera. Good news is she made her way back into the water just fine after I walked away.

And finally here's the rest of the scene. A partially frozen section of Scituate Harbor. No matter what the weather, this is the area where a lot of the feathered friends like to gather.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scituate Harbor

Otherwise known as Scituate Haahbaah.
I haven't been out shooting in what seems like forever. It felt SO GOOD to be outdoors today with camera in hand. Mr. S and I took a ride down to Scituate. It was a beautiful January afternoon. The temperature was 41 degrees and there was very little if any wind, which made for very pleasant conditions to be out and about.