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Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome Home Mom and Dad!

Day 89/Year 2
Today was the official move in day for the folks. They are pretty much all settled in. They are exhausted! I'm pretty tired myself. Today's photos are more or less snapshots. Actually, more than less. :-) Did I say I'm tired? So just point and shoot shots for today. This is the entrance to their new home. Pretty, huh? Then once inside, this is the foyer you walk into.

Here is their living room. It hasn't been completely set up or decorated yet, but you get the idea. It's very spacious, huh?

Here's my Dad in his new den. He looks pretty comfy and at home already!

Notice the bay window? There are 3 of them in the in the living roon, one in the den, and one in the master bedroom.

I know they will be happy here. They already had a few knocks on the door with some of the other residents welcoming them. One woman named Myrtle (yes her name is Myrtle....she looks like a Myrtle....she's as cute as a button!) offered to walk them down to the dining room for dinner this evening. (Please dear Lord have my father like the food there!!!!! If he doesn't like the food......we're in for some big trouble!) :-)
I decided I want to live there myself. They come and clean your apt and even change your bed once a week and they serve you dinner every night. They even have a beautiful pub. I KNOW my father is going to love the happy hour at the pub. :-)

Cheers!!!! ;-)


  1. Carol, thanks so much for posting these photos.What a beautiful bright and spacious apatment.It looks like the perfect new home for them!

  2. Your welcome MaryC. Yes, it is very bright and very spacious. It's huge!!!! The master bedroom has a huge walk in closet and a large master bath. There is also a second bathroom with a second walk in shower. The den is really spacious and very bright with all of the windows. The living room is huge and the kitchen opens up into the living room. The kitchen is fairly small but there's enough counterspace, a very nice stove, refrigerator, built in microwave etc. There is also a stacked washer/dryer in an enclosed closet in the hallway beside the second bathroom.They will eat breakfast and lunch in their apt and go to the dining room for dinner every evening.
    I spoke with them this evening. So far so good. They both enjoyed their dinners. WHEW! :-)