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Sunday, August 22, 2010

view, cows, rides, and trucks (my day in Vermont)

The village of Lyndon Vermont, with Burke Mountain in the background. It was a nice morning in Vermont, but the clouds came in quickly and light rain began in the late afternoon.
In the evening, we went to the Orleans County Fair, at the Barton Fairgrounds. The light rain didn't interfere with the events.
 My favorite exhibits at the fair are always the farm animals:

The Himalaya Ride is always a popular ride (not for me that is, but for lots of others :-) )

Mr S's Favorite was the Professional Tractor Pull. Now, I've been to antique tractor pulls before, but this show was NOTHING like that. These things were LOUD and FAST. Here's a modified truck in the single engine class. It was still LOUD  so for the sake of my photo blog, I took one photo without holding my ears:

What???? Did you say something?? Sorry......I seem to have trouble hearing today. :-) Just kidding of course, but believe me........these things were ear piercingly loud!
The Specs:
Photo One: Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens, ISO 200, 1/400, f13, -2/3 ev
Photo two: Panasonic LX3, ISO 400, 1/25, f2.1
Photo three: Panasonic LX3, ISO 800, 1/20, f2
Photo four: Panasonic LX3, ISO 800, 1/10, f2.6


  1. Vermont is a wonderful place! Who doesn't love an animal butt shot?? :-) Love the toning in that one.