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Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Girl's Day Out

Went to Plymouth (MA) for the day with my friends Mary and Nancy I. We had a wonderful day......did some shopping at one of my favorite country/primitive stores (Blowin In The Wind) and bought myself quite a few things for the VT heading up there for the weekend and want to decorate the house for the FALL.
We then walked along the Plymouth Waterfront and on the pier where I shot this tern in flight. I also shot these rusty old chains on the pier and I liked the old rust and the old wood together:

No girl's day out is complete without lunch :-) Me? I had fresh crabcakes and a salad:

Delicious! :-)

The Specs:
All Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens, ISO 200
Photo one: 1/320, f14, -1/3 ev
Photo two: 1/400, f13, -1/3 ev
Photo three: 1/60, f4 (note: smaller aperture should have been used. I know better, but I'm learning from my mistakes.....all very good lessons for me and one of the reasons I love having to shoot daily for this blog)


  1. What a fun day we had!!!
    Shopping for our favorite things, beautiful
    weather,good food, and most of was all
    enjoyed with great friends!
    p.s. those crab cakes look so good they make me
    wish I liked crab cakes. haha

  2. Carol, great pics and I envy you having a house in Vermont. Now, down to business. These crab cakes look awsome! Which place did you get them?

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks.......I had a ball! :-)

  4. Hi Al,
    The crabcakes were from the Weathervane. They were nice and fresh.....homemade......and were very good.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day! LOVE the tern in flight! The rim-lighting on the wings is fantastic! Yummmmmmm, love crab cakes. I think your aperture used there is just fine. :-)

  6. Thanks Tracy. I am such an admirer of your work so I appreciate your comments on the aperture. I wasn't sure if it just looked as though focus was missed as the second crabcake was in focus but the first wasn't..........I felt there wasn't quite enough shallow depth of field on the first crabcake? A smaller aperture would have put them both in focus. I sometimes struggle with this "stuff' so I really appreciate you weighing in with your comments.