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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm in a pickle today

Another raw, windy, wet, rainy day here. I'm still not complaining, we really need this rain and it is welcomed. I was planning on going to the beach today to photograph the waves at high tide. Well, that never happened, as I was having a lazy day, all comfy in my cozy warm house. I was in a real pickle about what to photograph today, but I took care of it when I went to the grocery store:

Okay......I can hear the groans now. :-) I'm sorry for being so corny, but you have to understand.......this taking a photo a day thing can be very challenging at times. :-)
The Specs:
Panasonic LX3, ISO 80, 1/5, f2,8


  1. This post is hysterical! Very creative for a rainy day in New England! And I also love pickles!

  2. cAROL, I DONT LIKE PICKLES AT ALL but any pictures you take are amazing i love everything about it---MatttttYYYYY

  3. Thanks so much BNVT. I'm glad you appreciated my humor. :-)

  4. Hey Matt,
    You are too sweet!!! Thank you!

  5. Ha! We've all been there Carol. I think you handled your 'pickle' quite well! Part of this process is realizing just how creative you are - especially under pressure! Bravo! :-)

  6. Thanks a bunch Tracy! No sour pickles here! :-)