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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Year in Review Part 2

Happy New Year!!!! I hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve festivities last night. What a year this has been!!!! This year was the year of "the wedding". No.......not Prince William and Kate.........the "other" big wedding.... Miss J and Steve of course! :-) It was a fast year.....I can't believe it's over. Where does the time go? I will never know. I haven't been out with my camera much lately and I so wish I could have been out this morning. I was at work and up on the floors as the sun rose and the sky was so beautiful. I thought to myself "Now THIS would be a great way to start the New Year........getting a New Year's morning sunrise shot. Oh well. It wasn't meant to be.
I'd like to continue my year in review today. These images may not all be my 'technically best' shots, but they also are shots that just have special meaning to me. I hope you are enjoying seeing them again. Here we go........
I'm surprised at myself that I haven't picked many bird shots as being my favorites from this past year. Anyways, this Snowy Egret shot is one of my favorites. I wish I had longer reach than the 200 mm I have with my longest lens, but I made the best with what I have. I like the reflection in the water on this shot, which I think adds interest.

Every mother wants to see their daughter look this happy. I love this image I took of Miss J before we left the house on her wedding day.

Daddy's little girl. Sigh. I just love this picture.

Although I swore I was not going to be the mother of the bride taking pictures, I just couldn't help myself. And I'm glad I did take a few pictures. Like this one.
Sigh again!

My favorites would not be complete without at least one or two foliage images. Fall is New doesn't get any better anywhere in the world as far as I'm concerned. This image was taken at Indian Head in New Hampshire.

"Turn the car around"!!!! That's what I requested of Mr. S after we passed this scene in Ashby MA. I knew I had to go back and take some shots of this barn with the horses and chickens!

Through the tunnels in Sheffield VT. Rt 91 North and Sothbound run above these two tunnels. I like the composition of this shot with the bright orange tree visible through the second tunnel.

I like antiquity and I just like this shot that I took at Hartwell Tavern in Minuteman National Park in Lexington MA.

My final image. This was taken at Luddams Ford Park in Hanover MA. I like this image because I was able to capture what I envisioned before I went there to shoot. I was hoping to get a nice sunset sky and was hoping to be able to get a good exposure using a slow shutter speed to blur the water. It all came together for me and that's always a very good feeling!
Thanks for allowing me to indulge. I needed this exercise to remind myself why I do what I do.........that all my pictures may not be perfection, but in the midst of them, there are a few that have a special meaning to me. I wish you all a very happy new year, filled with good health, love, laughter, and good photographic opportunities. And.......if you don't have the photographic opportunities, I hope you can think outside of the box and make the opportunities happen for you. (This is a reminder for myself as well!)


  1. Beautiful! I love all the pictures from yesterday and today! Last night we were watching top 10 weddings of 2011 and I was wondering why ours wasn't on there ; )

  2. It wasn't???? Well, what do THEY know anyways. Hmf! ;-)