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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Carol's View Of New Englnd.......a year in review

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite blog images from 2011. I will give the reason why each image is a favorite of mine as well.
Here they are, in no particular order:
This image was taken in March of 2011 in Hull MA. I like the New England look to this scene....the white steepled church (I am a sucker for thequintessential NE church scenes) and I like the old architecture and clock on the red building. The American flag blowing in the breeze adds to the Americana feel which I like very much.

This image was taken in February 2011.....when my Dad was in the hospital. This image has a special meaning to me, as I feel it invokes an emotional response to the viewer.

This image just makes me laugh!!!! This was taken in January 2011 in the hospital parking lot. Those are Diane's bare feet hanging out the window of her car. I got the idea to make a "spoof" image in reference to Rex Ryan (the coach of the NY Jets) after his foot fettish scandal, and the video that was released where he was acting as a stranger to his wife discussing her beautiful feet as she hung them out the car window. :-)

April of 2011 brought this "Lydia" image. I just really like this shot. The promise of Spring symbolized by the Robin contrasting with the reality of death represented by the grave stones is just a really cool juxtaposition in my opinion. I also like the tones as well as the depth of field of this shot.

I have many shots of gulls in flight, but this one is special to me. I just really like how the gull seems to be sheltered by the wings. It's not your typical bird in flight shot, so I like it for it's uniqueness.

The day I took this was an awesome morning for photography. Diane and I met our friend Greg Lessard in Middleboro at something like 5:30 am. The fog was like pea soup, and we made the best of it and got some wonderful foggy images. After the fog cleard, it turned into a brilliant morning, and I just love the composition with the fenceline in this shot that I took. I also love the reflection of the fence in the puddle.

My Great niece Rowan looking face to face with Rudy. The expression on her face is priceless and I was so happy to capture it with my camera!!

This is my Great Nephew Ashton. I love everything about this image. I was visiting them and had my camera. I took many pictures of his face etc that day, but this image taken from behind was my absolute favorite!

This very well could possibly be my very favorite of the year. This was taken on Mothers Day and this is my Mom with her Great Grandaughter Rowan. I don't think any words are needed to tell you why I love this image so much.

As you know, I am drawn to farm scenes, and I just really like this one taken on a very rainy afternoon in Vermont as the farmer was walking the cows back home to the barn.

Tenderness and innocence are what I see when I look at this image taken at a family funeral outside of the church. This is Mr S's cousins son, Alex.

It's all about the light.....and I just love the light I was able to capture in this image taken at the Orleans County Fair in Barton VT.

My three reasons to live with each of their significant others. I just love the happy looks on their faces. We had such a fun weekend that weekend!

I love this guy!! I printed this one for a Christmas order and it looks even better in print. Just love his pose and the colors!!!!

I love reflections and think this one is just plain cool! This was another wonderful photography outing. I was with Diane out shooting down at Nantasket Beach in Hull MA before sunset.

I'm really glad I decided to post my favorites. I've been in a major photography slump lately (Can you tell??? LOL) Of course you can!!!! But.....this has been a very good exercise for me going back over my past images. I didn't realize there were so many that I liked. I'm not finished with the year I will finish posting my favorites tomorrow in part two. Stay tuned!
I'm off to's 9:30 pm on New Years Eve. I will be getting up at 4:45 am for work so no ringing in the new year at midnight for me. Hope you all are having a fun and safe evening!!!!


  1. Thanks so much Carol! I really enjoyed seeing everyone of these again. I love seeing New Englad and your family and reading your blog every day.

  2. Thanks MaryC! It really means a lot to know that and it's what keeps me going with this blog every day. Happy New Year!!!!

  3. Carol,
    Amazing pics. I loved all of them especially knowing all of the players. I really liked the surfer reelection . Why don't I think of these views. You inspire me,!!!

  4. Awww shucks, thanks BettyAnn!!! That's very kind of you to say. I'm so glad you enjoyed these.