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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's never too late to learn!

Day 302/Year 2
My mother, at the age of 89, decided she needed a computer, and needed to learn how to use it. Seriously. She felt as though she was missing out on my blog, and she wanted to be able to check it out everyday. Sooooooo, we got her a laptop for Christmas.
We've been giving her some simple Computer 101 lessons......and she's catching on!!! How cool is that??? You go Mom!!!!!!!!
By the way........I love you Mom!!! :-) Tell Dad I said hi! **smile** :-)


  1. Love this Carol!

    Edith if you are reading this keep up the great work with the computer and Hi to Uncle John.

  2. Thanks MaryC!!!! We haven't done any response lessons yet :-) Mom says hi....they had a wonderful time out to dinner with you and Eileen last week......and she will say hi to dad for you. :-)

  3. Thanks Carol

    Edith, Eileen and I had a great time also we love your new home!!!