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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Day 289/Year 2
Hi everyone! How are all of you blog readers doing????? I have to ask for a favor one more time.
Do you remember last month I posted a link to vote for Kaitlyn and Joe in the cutest couple contest???? Well, I know some of you did vote, and for that I am very thank you!!!!!!! Kaitlyn and Joe will win a FREE wedding cake for their upcoming wedding this year if they win this thing. Cool, huh???
Here's the deal: Voting ends TOMORROW, (Friday). The way it stands, Kaitlyn and Joe have been running neck and neck with another couple in the number of votes. As of yesterday, Katilyn and Joe were in the lead. BUT....................they still need your votes. Rumor has it that the "other couple" are going for a big "push" tomorrow and plan on sliding in lots of votes to take the lead.
We can't let that happen!!! I've known these kids since they were in first grade, and now I am kind of obsessed with this contest, and I REALLY REALLY want these kids to win this thing. Can you help me out????? 
All you have to do is follow this need to "like" the Casual Gourmet, and then cast your vote for Kaitlyn and Joe in the cutest couple contest.
You have to have a Facebook account in order to vote.
Remember, voting ends tomorrow, Friday January 6th!!!!!!!
If you could pass this along to your friends on Facebook and ask them to vote, I would be forever grateful.
As a thank you to all of you for helping me out with this, I PROMISE you I will post some awesome photos this weekend here on the blog. I have some plans to go out shooting this weekend, and I PROMISE I'll post some great shots to thank you.
Thank you thank you thank you. You are the best!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Joe and I appreciate it so much!! :)

  2. I'm trying Kate. I really hope you two win this thing!!! :-)

  3. Thanks sooooooo much Margy!!!!!!!