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Friday, January 27, 2012

A gull of a day!

What a foggy soggy day we had here in SE MA. I should have gone out picture taking early this morning because it was nice and foggy. But, I just couldn't get myself in gear. I went out late morning to deliver a box of popsicles to poor Miss J who was home sick with the stomach bug. :-( No matter how old our kids are, our Mommy instincts kick into high gear and we do whatever we can for our kids. right? Right!
On the way home from Miss J's house, I stopped off at Whitmans Pond in Weymouth and took some gull images. It was drizzly when I got there, but afer a short time, the rain became steadier and heavier. This gull didn't seem too happy with the rain. He looks quite PO'd, doesn't he???
Perhaps it was a female gull and she wasn't too happy with her appearance in the mirror.....

We all know that rainy days make bad hair days.........
P.S. Hope you feel better Miss J xxoo

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