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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hello everybody. Were you one of the unlucky ones to receive spam email from me at 2:00 this morning??? If so.......I'm very sorry!!! What a way to start my day! As soon as I got up I was informed that my email account was compromised and that everyone in my mailbox got spam from my account. UGH!!! I have changed my password, run a virus scan on my computer, and I am good to go now, thank goodness!
So, after a not so nice morning, I ended up having a very nice afternoon. I took the folks out to lunch (meaning I drove but my Dad paid :-) ) We went to Wahlburgers at the Hingham Shipyard. For those of you not familiar with Wahlburgers, it's a burger joint owned by the Wahlburg Family ( Mark Wahlburg from the movies, and Donny Wahlburg from the hit sensation The New Kids On The Block) :-)........their brother Paul is a renowned Chef and they opened the restaurant Wahlburgers this past year.
My impression: The burgers are very good. The folks LOVED their burgers and they ate every last bite.
The decor: Very cool! Wahlburg movie and television memorobilia.
The cons: It's LOUD in there.......meaning they play loud music. Fine for me but not so good for 89 year old people who both wear hearing aids. :-)
It's more of a place for a younger crowd, but my hip and happening folks both enjoyed themselves, are glad we went, and would like to go back sometime! :-)
After lunch, we went over to the waterfront and I took some shots. They have done a beautiful job working on this area, and it looks great.

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  1. That is a GREAT picture of the folks Carol and thanks for the tip about Whalburgers.
    Hi Edith!