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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our annual "friends" weekend is coming up

This was taken at the Lewis Pond overlook in 2007. Each year 4 of our friends come up to VT for a foliage weekend....usually the last weekend in Sept.
From left to right.....Mr.S, my good friend Nancy I who comments frequently here on the blog, followed by our very good friends Patrick and Heather.
Here's Nancy's husband Tony:
Unfortunately, Heather and Patrick can't make the trip this year. But, me and Mr. S and Nancy and Tony are going up for a quick weekend trip this upcoming weekend.

Sorry for wigging out last night on the blog. Today is a new day, and I have my stress under control. Looking at these past images from happy fun times spent with friends makes me smile.
Life is good. I'm alright!!!!!!!!!


  1. you are the best, a true friend. you always keep me calm, which is not easy to do. love you !!!! :)

  2. This wasn't signed and it's from annonymous, but judging from the comment "it's not easy to keep me calm".......I would have to guess this is KB!!!! :-)
    It hasn't been easy keeping anyone calm at work these days, but we do our best!!! :-)
    I love you too girlfriend. Thanks for stopping by.