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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall decor

Day 180/Year 2
I got the house all decorated for Fall today. This haunted house and all of the little trick-or-treaters is one of my favorite Fall decorations. I painted these myself, years ago when I used to take a painting class.
Abby update: We went to the vet today to get her staples removed. She has healed very nicely, the staples are out, and she's good to go without wearing the "lampshade" anymore. :-)


  1. I wish I could walk in the door right now, smell cookies in the oven and see the house all decorated! I love you!!

  2. Miss J?????? Why did you come up as annonymous? Yes, this must be you. I remember when you were a little girl, your favorite days of the year were the days that I decorated the house, and you would come home from school and eat fresh baked cookies!!!! Now that you will be a can keep up the traadition in your own home and make happy memories for your own kids.
    I love you too!!!!!

  3. Can't fool you for a minute. won't see you until the big day. Will have the goodies ready for you.Good luck.

  4. Thanks KB. OMG I won't see you until the wedding? Wow....okay....I'll see you there and thanks for the goodies. Miss J is so excited when I told her. :-)