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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm daydreaming. I have so many last minute wedding things to do. Most of the things are last minute, so my hands are tied for the moment. I spent today dreaming of the upcoming foliage season. I can't wait to be up North....relaxing, celebrating how wonderful the wedding was, connecting with VT and all of it's Autumn glory. That's what I'm dreaming about today.
Abby update: She's a drama Queen!!!!!! Such a drama Queen!! She has been hobbling around, looking all sad and pathetic. BUT....when the mailman came to the mailbox......she was up and running and barking and full of spunk.
She doesn't fool me!!!!
Seriously, she had a pretty good day today. i'm glad I was home with her. I let her keep the Elizabethan Collar (ie lampshade) off while she sat with me, and if she went to lick the wound, I would remind her "no". But, when I am up and about around the house, I put the collar on her because I am not right near her to monitor her. She HATES the collar. But, she's doing well and I'm glad I was able to be with her on day one of her meds to see how she reacted to them.

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