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Monday, September 12, 2011

Just wait!!

Day 174/Year 2
More images from my outing with Diane on Friday. We stopped at a spot just outside of Cohasset Harbor when we spotted this Egret perched on a rock. Just as we were getting out of the car, a great Blue Heron decided to take a rest on the same rock. They were a little too far out of reach for our 200 mm lenses, but we made the best of it. We also waited. And waited. And waited. What were we waiting for you may be wondering? We were waiting for something to happen. We knew we weren't going to be happy with our images of the 2 birds sitting on the rock. We knew the birds would:
 a) Do something such as spread their wings, or change positions.
b) eventually fly away....they weren't going to sit there forever, were they? 
c) find some fish and start to feed
d) smile pretty for the camera
(Okay so option d probably wasn't going to happen) :-)
But the other options did happen. We would have missed them if we stayed content with our original images. With wildlife.....there's usually MORE to come, if you just wait it out.

He/she landed on another rock, closer to where we were standing and had an itch to scratch:

Another good thing happened while we were waiting for some Egret/Great Blue Heron action. This Lesser Yellowlegs came along, and we were able to catch some nice reflections shots of him/her as he/she was searching for some food in the shallow water:

It's good we weren't complacent, right? We would have missed these other photo opportunities had we not waited. Persistence usually does pay off.
The Specs:
All Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens, ISO 200
Photo one: 1/100, f11, -1 ev
Photo two and three: 1/400, f8, -1 ev
Photo four: 1/640, f5.6, -1 ev
Photo five: 1/500, f5.6, -1 ev


  1. Awesome. Take me with you !!!!

  2. Thanks KB. We'll take you next time.....if work doesn't get in the way. Stupid work...........