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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The shower was A++

Day 166/Year 2
Today was Miss J's Bridal Shower. :-) Look at how beautifully this gift was wrapped! The wedding is going to be a "Country Fall Fantasy" so this gift wrapping grabbed my eye and I just HAD to photograph it!
Look at how happy Miss J is. Oh.....she couldn't be any happier or any more beautiful!
Hmmnn....Steve looks pretty happy himself  in this next photo......that's my DAUGHTER you know! :-)

The bridesmaids did an amazing job planning the shower. Miss J is blessed to have such wonderful people in her life......

Finally, here's my "two" girls......Kaylan grew up across the street from us and has been Miss J's best friend since they were 2 years old. We consider her one of our own. There could not be a better maid of Honor for Miss J to have.

Sigh.......another milestone and another event that brings us closer to the wedding day. I am cherishing each and every moment.


  1. The day was amazing! I have the best family/friends in the world! Thank you for everything! Love you!!

  2. Oh Miss J.....I kinda love you too! :-)