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Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Autumn!

Today is the first day of Autumn. It's finally here! Summer is gone. Don't be sad. Look forward to all of the good things that this new season brings. The trees are just now starting to show signs of early color here in Southeast MA. Before we know it, Mother Nature will have a beautiful show of reds, oranges, yellows, golds, and purples,.........a virtual feast for the eyes. Don't forget the smells of this new season. Oh, there's nothing that smells better to me than a walk in the woods in the Fall. The sweet smell of the pine trees is indescribable. And then we have the cool temperatures. I'm a "sweater", as you know, and the cool crisp days of  Fall are so refreshing, and put a tickle in my belly!
Life is full of changes. I hope you don't look back on the days of summer and wish they were still here. Look ahead to all of the beauty that is heading our way. We can't stop the seasons from changing, just like we can't stop our kids from growing up, our parents from getting older, and those damn grey hairs from creeping into our heads! :-) These are all changes in life that are beyond our control. Let's embrace them all, and be happy in the moment. We can always look back with fond memories, but it's important to accept and embrace all of the upcoming changes in our lives, (and seasons in our lives).
Here's a few "early color" images I took today while out with the Folks. (By the way, my mother told me I jump in and out of the car so many times when I am out with them to take pictures, that the following words should be written on my gravestone.........."hang on, I'll be right back." :-)

Yes, there's a little early color out there! Mother Nature is in the process of preparing her most beautiful show of the year. Let the show begin!

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