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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Phobic's Drive In The City

Where are we going you may ask? Let's go through the Tip O'Neill Tunnel in Boston, okay?

We must first reduce our speed.
Here we go...................

I find it really creepy and scary that we are going to have all of those buildings and things on top of us. How does the tunnel support all of that weight???? I never will know. Let's try not to think about it.......

Looks like we must reduce our speed again. This tunnel sure has a lot of curves. First the road curves to the right.
Now here we go curving to the left........

There are a few exits we can take if we choose......but lets keep going straight......

Looks like we can pick up a little more speed again in this section........

Finally......we're near the end and we survived the drive through the tunnel without it collapsing on us....

UH-OH........We're on the Zakim Bridge?????? But, I'm afraid of bridges.

For the life of me I'll never understand how these bridges support all of this weight.........


  1. Nice series. If it helps, there are no big buildings above the tunnel. I also try to go 60 as much as possible through it. :)

  2. You did good girlfriend. I know how "much" you like being in a car under these conditions.

  3. hahaha I love this! Who was driving?
    You are a brave soul...maybe someday
    we won't be traveling all those back roads!
    But then again, think of all the fun and interesting
    things we find on those roads.
    Great post!!

  4. Thanks Dave! Mr. S tells me the same thing.....but it sure looks like we are going to be driving under all those buildings. :-) So, 60 mph huh? I remember once seeing a really cool slow shutter speed you took driving through the tunnel. No wonder it was so cool. You were going 60! :-)

  5. Hi KB,
    You know me sooooooo well!!!! :-)

  6. Hi Nancy I......the mother of the cutest girl in the cutest couple contest!!! :-)That would be Mr S driving of course. :-)Yes, back roads are best!!!! :-)