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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look who I found today!

Day 280/365
I must begin by telling you that I am feeling better today. The sugar detox is going well.....and I even had enough energy to go down to the pond today with my camera. (Yesterday's pond image was taken last week....sshhhhh don't tell!)
I was so surprised when I stumbled across the Great Blue Heron this time of year! He was just standing in the shallow water chilling out.....I'm sure he was looking for some lunch. I've never seen him around in the winter. These birds are very shy and skiddish and will take off in an instant if they sense your presence. Hence, my shot from today is of his backside as he took off as soon as I approached. I was using the method I was taught by my good friend and excellent bird photographer Greg Lessard. I was using the crouch down low and taking just a few baby steps at a time approach, but this heron wasn't buying it one bit.
I decided to investigate the subject of Great Blue Herons in the winter in New England and here's what I found:

"Many Great Blue Herons migrate south for the winter, but in New England, some stay around if there is open water, and many others head east and over winter along the coast instead. Because these herons stay so close through the winter, they are among the first birds to return in the spring."

It makes me wonder if this guy is staying around because the temperatures have been so unseasonably warm this year.


  1. Nice capture - great posture with the wing flaps!

  2. Thank you! Would have been better if he were flying towards me, but we take what we can get!