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Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas wish for you

Day 269/Year 2
I didn't take one picture today. I'm ok with that, and I hope you are too. I picked this older image to post for today, which I took back in December of 2008 at the Rockland Duck Pond. The snow was falling, and there wasn't a breeze.....the air was still and it was a beautiful peaceful sight. Remember in the past I have written that my images take me right back to the place and time they were taken? This one takes me back to that peaceful moment......I stopped in my tracks and just took in the peaceful sight.
That's my wish for you. To have peace in your lives. There are far too many people suffering in this world, and my wish is for everyone to find peace and happiness.
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Day today. My day began by leaving the house at 5:15 am to go to work. Driving to work at that hour, I only passed two other cars on the road the entire drive to work. I kept thinking about how everyone was tucked in tight in their homes with their loved ones. I was wishing I was still tucked in tight with my loved ones too........but my day had begun in a different way, and I was needed elsewhere. Work was great......the patient count was very low so we weren't the least bit busy. I left work at hour early........and we headed to Miss J and Steves house for a wonderful Christmas dinner. It's 7 pm on Christmas night, and we just opened our presents here in my house. It was a long day, but a wonderful day. I really hope your day was good as well.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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