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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Library Exhibit

We attended an opening reception this evening at the Hingham Public Library for the "Cushing Pond Photography Exhibit". My camera club was invited to photograph "The Seasons of Cushing Pond in Hingham.....sponsored by the Cushing Pond Preservation Society. I attended a Fall photo shoot, and a winter photo shoot at the pond. One of my Fall images was selected by the committee as the winning image, and it was featured in the Hingham Journal Newspaper this week. it may not be the Boston Globe, but a girl's gotta start somewhere! :-)

Tonight's exhibit:

I had three photos selected to be in the exhibit. Here's one of them:

It was a wonderful evening!


  1. Congratulations. Nice to see your name in print, isn't it !!!!

  2. hi.. way to go.!!!..I love all the pictures they are great! Trying to do tickets again this year for christmas. Hopefully there will not be as much snow as last year and we can see you and your parents.. Christine R

  3. WooHoo!!!!! Congratulations Carol!
    I think the article should be framed too.

  4. Well done Carol, we always knew you were a prixe winning Photographer :)

  5. Hi Dov!!!!!! It's great to see you visit here. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. Your comment was very kind....thank you!!!!!

  6. Hi Christine,
    There BETTER not be as uch snow this year, and yes, my parents would love to see you. Let's make some plans to meet for lunch!!

  7. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks!!! Yes, it probably should get's probably my one and only time to be in print.......:-)