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Monday, November 28, 2011

Jimapco: Don't leave home without it

Day 241/365
I got lost! The first time ever. I have a VERY good sense of direction by the way.
Mr. S was working on the furnace Saturday afternoon. It was soooooo cold inside the house when we arrived. We started a fire in the wood stove, and I decided to take a drive and look for some photo ops. It was a grey day. The sky was grey......the trees were grey......the light was flat. I took a dirt road that I have never traveled on before, thinking I would know where it would come out. I drove, and drove, and drove. I was just waiting to come to an intersection, but it wasn't happening. Finally, I hit a STOP sign and decided to take a left which would put me towards the direction from where I came. I found some wonderful long views that I have filed away in my brain for some future Fall images. There's lots of promise in a few places I drove past. I decided to stop to shoot this barn......I liked the look of the barn, and I liked the mountains in the distance.
Normally I would have a Jimapco map book with me, but we weren't in my car. We took the weenie wagon this trip. The weenie wagon doesn't have a VT Jimapco. Note to self: Don't travel on any Vt dirt roads without the Jimapco. :-)

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