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Friday, July 15, 2011

Farm Photography

I took 2 members of camera club out to photograph some of my favorite farms today. One of the members was asked to supply some farm images to hang in a local resturant. I was happy to show her around to the farms that I have visited in the past. (You remember me and my farm fettish from last summer, right????) :-) Yessiree........we visited the farms today and had a BALL!!!!!!!!! We met at 6 am and hit the road running. This is the first farm we stopped at....the cows came out for breakfast just minutes aftter we arrived. Perfect timing!
This farm is in West Bridgewater MA. From here, we went to Lolans Farms on Thompson Street in Middleboro. We were greeted by Sue at the farmstand. She remembered me. :-) Not only did she give us full access to her entire farm, but she allowed us into the barn while she milked the cows.

It was amazing to see how the whole milking process works. The mlk is pumped by machine, runs through the tubes and ends up in a cooling tank.
Here's a black and white image of "the girls" feeding out back behind the milking barn.

We had so much fun, and Sue could not have been any more gracious!
Our next stop was at the Soule Homestead Educational Farm, also located in Middleboro.

How precious, huh?
Last but not least, today is Mr. S's birthday. Here's a sunflower from the Soule Farm in honor of Mr. S., because afterall.......he is the sunshine of my life!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  1. Carol, Your photos are wonderful! Thanks for a great morning!!!

  2. Carol~ Today Mary B gave me a most wonderful birthday gift...your photo of 2 sheep. I absolutely LOVE it!!
    I always enjoy your photography and commentary too.~Dianne

  3. Hi Dianne,
    I'm THRILLED that you like the photo. Thanks for the compliments about my blog, and I'm so glad you have been following it and enjoying it.

  4. Thanks Carol. Have a good day!

  5. I love farms and these are great shots! The rooster is probably my favorite of the bunch.