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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monroe's Sugar House, Barton VT

Day 123/Year 2
Sorry for my absence the past few days. I was up in VT leading 15 members of my camera club on a Northeast Kingdom of Vermont photography tour.
Steve Monroe invited us to tour his sugar house and sugar bush. I arranged for a 2 pm tour on Saturday. Steve and his wife and 2 teenage children were so welcoming and accomodating to us. This is a photo of Steve showing us the different grades of syrup that he produces.
After the sugar house tour, we were taken 1/4 mile uphill to his sugar bush. He has 6000 maple tres that are tapped using the line system. The light in the sugar bush was beautiful:

Here's part of our group who hitched a ride up to the sugar bush in the back of Steve's pickup truck:

Here's Diane getting a ride on the four wheeler by Steve's daughter:

I love the way the light was hitting this fern:

Thank you so much to Steve and his entire family. This was he and his wife's 23rd wedding anniversary, and we were so grateful that they gave us some time during their special day. I am looking forward to making some pancakes to go along with the syrup I purchased. :-)
There are many more photos from this weekend's photography trip. Stay tuned......


  1. Oh I wish I had known you were here! I would've been rude enough to join without an invitation. There are no camera clubs or anything here, no chat among fellow photographers.

    You have a unique view with shadows/light and composition. The fern shot is the one I admire most. I am going to hone my own work to improve the lights/shadows.

  2. Hi Andree,
    I would have loved it if you had joined us! One of these days when I am in VT we will have to get together. I drive past your house all the time and look to see if you are outside. If I ever see you, I will surely stop to say hello!