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Monday, July 25, 2011

More from the Vermont weekend

Day 124/Year 2

This is a farm located in West Glover. In the dozens of times I have been by here in the past, there have always been cows grazing in the field. Not this day. It was too hot. The cows were across the street up the hill by the farmers house in the shade. ( was too hot for the cows, but not too hot for us photographers!) :-)
Here's another barn in West Glover. We didn't see any cows at this farm either. We were thinking the cows all got the memo that the photographers from MA were all coming they went into hiding! Not to worry, we eventually found cows. Lots of cows. You'll eventually see.
The Red Sky shop in Glover is one of my favorite places to visit. The owners Doug and Sherri are always very welcoming to me and my camera. Doug invited us into the private area of the gardens, and to the hen house,where the public is usually not allowed. Thanks so much for your hospitality to Doug and Sherri!

Remember the other day when I said there was a frozen strawberry daiquari with my name on it in Vermont?

Life is good............

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