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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cup runneth over

Or should I say I almost got run over at the cup? :-) The Stanley Cup came to visit us at work today. How exciting is that??????? I must say that I have a new found appreciation of the work that the paparazzi does. I was jockeying for position to get some photos. Most of my shots have elbows, arms, knees, butts and other assorted body parts in the way. It was a tough crowd! We only had the cup for about 5 minutes in my department. Here are the members of my Department waiting for the big arrival. This is the hallway leading into the kitchen. I positioned myself up front. Trust me when I say the crowd was pretty deep beyond:

Drum roll it is being wheeled into the kitchen:

It was brought to the hospital by one of the Physical Therapists from the Boston Bruins organization. I'm sorry I don't have his name to share, but he lives on the South Shore and today was his "turn" to have the cup.
You see me write about my photography buddy Diane all the time here on the blog. Diane is the one kneeling beside the woman in the pink shirt in this next photo. She's wearing the blue shirt, lab jacket, and big smile:

My buddy Matt has made quite a few appearances here on the blog in the past. Matt is one of the biggest Bruins fans that I know. I was so happy for him today! He's the one wearing the white Bruins hat in the next photo:

******Just a few thoughts. It was a big deal here in New England to have the Bruins win the Stanley Cup. The team has overcome a lot of adversity and they came from behind in the series and fought their way to get this victory. It didn't come easy. This cup is more than just a sports symbol.
All of us.....I don't care who you are.........have to face adversity at certain times in our lives. There are times when we feel hopeless and face daily struggles. This cup is a reminder to all of us......don't ever give up......keep working towards your goal........keep a positive attitude......keep the faith......and know that you can overcome whatever life throws your way. ******


  1. matty in the morningJuly 11, 2011 at 9:20 PM

    carol today was an awesome day i was so anxious for this moment and never thought it would happen like this...i love every picture you take and i love you.....RRRrrrrEEeeeeRrRRrrr~ CHEWY!

  2. Hi Matty,
    I was so happy to have gotten a shot of you with the cup. I was so happy for you today. I love you right back!!!!!