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Friday, May 20, 2011

What the fog?

Day 58/Year 2
My goodness. Just wait a minute around here and the weather will change. Honestly, I don't remember ever having a week such as this. Today was mostly cloudy and damp. We got a few glimpses of sun which then heated up the clouds and produced some thunder and lightning. Then the sky kind of cleared so I went off to Scituate this evening to meet 2 members of camera club for a sunset/night shoot. There was some blue sky when I left my house around 6:30 pm. As I got closer to the coast, the fog rolled in. Scituate was totally socked in. I stopped here along the Driftway for a few photos before I met the guys.
This one I converted to black and white:

So then I arrived to Scituate Light to meet the guys. This is what we were dealing with:

Luckily, I like fog. :-)
It rolled out for I swear 2 minutes and I caught this shot. Immediately after I shot this, you could no longer see the jetty.

New England weather. You gotta love it!

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