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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a church, a graveyard, and a link to some free Photoshop actions

Day 63/Year 2
Do you remember the day I shot the Red tailed hawk at the cemetery in Hanover? I wrote that I was there staking out a potential photo op. I decided to head back there tonight, now that the trees are in bloom.
Can't decide if I prefer the horizontal or the vertical.
These were taken behind the First Congregational Church on Rte 139 in Hanover
On another note, I downloaded some free "Photoshop Actions" from a blog that I visit. Here is the link if you would like to download these actions for your own use.
In these next 2 images, I used the "Old West" filter and I was pleased with the results. Now, I know these are not everyone's "cup of tea" and the photography "pursists" certainly may not like these results. That's okay. That is one of the things that I love about this art of photography. It's all subective.
Here's the original image. It was shot as a RAW file and converted to a jpeg with no post processing.

Here's the processed image using the Old West filter:

I like the ethereal look that the filter adds to the image.
Here's a second image straight out of the camera converted to a jpeg:

Here's the version using the Old West filter:

The Specs:
All of tonights photos were taken with the Panasonic FZ8 ISO 100
Photo one: 1/250, f4.5
Photo two: 1/400, f3.2
Photo three and four:1/160, f3.3, -1EV
Photo five and six: 1/100, f4, -1 EV

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