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Friday, May 6, 2011

Beautiful Spring Day

Day 44/Year 2
Today was a a fun day that I spent with my sister Nancy.
This was my first sygnet sighting of the season. We went to the Jenny Grist Mill in Plymouth , on a tip that there was a nesting swan there. When I arrived, I was so surprised to see that the sygnets were already born. How cute are they?
Here's the proud Papa........
It was such a beautiful day and the wildlife was a-plenty. Here's a few shots of a duck in flight...

Finally, a goose feeding near a fully blossomed Cherry Tree......

What a perfect Spring day. It was one of those days that just makes you smile!


  1. Your pictures make me smile Carol.

    Happy Glorious Spring!

  2. carol, The photographs the last 4days are just so beautiful! I really enjoy looking at all of them and please tell Nancy the pictures of her granddaughter are so beautiful also!!

  3. Happy Spring to you too BNVT! :-)

  4. Thanks MaryC. So glad you have been enjoying the photos. I will pass on your words to Nancy!