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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Loving This Photography Thing!

Day 43/Year 2
THIS is why I love what I do! THIS is why I am continuing to take a photo a day for the second year. The skies were pretty changeable this afternoon. I had taken a photo earlier today that I was planning on putting up for today's photo. But early evening.........the skies were sunny, then dark clouds, then sun again in a matter of minutes. I decided to head out to the duck pond in Rockland, thinking maybe I would get lucky and catch a dramatic sky while I was there. I arrived to ho-hum skies, so I decided to concentrate on the ducks and geese. Here I am shooting the wildlife, not even paying attention to the sky anymore, when I suddenly looked up and saw this! Jackpot!!
I wanted to add some forefront interest, and was able to get this:
And as the skies darkened, I was able to catch this before last light:

Yup, I love being able to capture moments like this. :-)

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