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Monday, May 2, 2011

Beautiful Morning part 2

Day 40/Year 2
Here are a few more photos from yesterday's trip to Middleboro. The above window scene was taken at a farm on Thompson St. in Middleboro.
The next photograph shows the precarious position that photographers often find themselves in.......whatever it takes to get the best shot. This is Greg getting himself the perfect shot:
Here's my take on that scene:

These next 2 photos are my favorite shots from the day. The first one is a tighter composition. I like the reflections in the little pond:

This one might be my very favorite. I really like all of the lines of the fence and the leading line of the fence in the forefront.

Tomorrow will be the final posting from this outing. I'll give you a hint. There will be cuteness involved.......including some ugliness that is so ugly that it's cute. Stay tuned! :-)
The Specs:
All Nikon D90 18-200 mm lens, ISO 200
Photo one: 1/50, f14, -1/3 ev
Photo two and three: 1/125, f14, -1/3 ev
Photo four and five: 1/250, f14 


  1. Beautiful,Beautiful, Beautiful!!!!!
    I think you might have to take me there.

  2. Thanks Nancy. Actually, you HAVE been there. Remember we went to Middleboro last summer and stopped at the farm stand and bought fruit and veggies???? Well, that is the area that all of these photos were taken from! We can go back whenever you want! :-)I have learned about a few new places in the area we can explore.