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Monday, November 14, 2011

Coastal Maine part 2

Day 228/Year 2
Because the "early bird catches the good light", Diane and I wanted to be at Nubble Light for sunrise. The other members from our camera club were meeting and leaving Quincy at 7:30 am. Way too late for me. So, Diane and I had a 3 hour lead on everybody else. This gave us 3 hours before the others arrived. We made good use of the time.
After we left Nubble Light, we drove the coast road, heading to Ogunquit. We passed this scene and decided to stop to take a few pictures,
We then crossed the street and spent some time on this beach.

We then headed to Ogunquit, a quaint quintessential coastal Maine town, and had a great breakfast.
More on our adventures on tomorrow's blog.........

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  1. I am a light house freak. They make great pictures. Have you been to the one near Woods Hole? As usual, your pictures are beautiful.