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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Indian Head

I honestly don't know how much more rain the state of Vermont can take. This is getting ridiculous!!!! It rained all weekend up there. Ok....not all weekend, we had a little time of just drizzle, and this morning we actually had dry weather for about an hour first thing this morning. It went downhill from there. Ugh. We had a good time despite the weather, and it was GREAT that I got to enjoy our new woodstove that we have in our VT house. Trust me.....we NEEDED the warmth. It was coooooooold and raaaaaww and daaaaamp up there. The wood stove was so nice and relaxing. I love it! We stopped at exit 33 in Franconia Notch NH on Saturday morning to take some pictures at Indian Head. Of course, it started to rain 5 minutes after we got there!!!! The colors were great there:

Here's Indian Head:

So, these were all taken in NH Saturday morning. I'll post some VT pictures tomorrow.


  1. Gorgeous, Carol. Sad that we couldn't join you this year. -- P

  2. We missed you guys sooooo much Patrick. I wish you had been there. Can't wait for you to come up and sit by the new woodstove!!!!!