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Friday, June 9, 2017

United Church of Northfield VT and shout out to John Knox

Aahhhhh.....Spring in Vermont is such a a beautiful time of the year. I have always been attracted to the white steepled churches of New England. During my recent trip to Northfield VT, I stopped to photograph the beautiful flowering trees at the United Church, which is located on S Main Street . I would like to mention that a fellow photographer named John Knox. I got to know through a mutual friend (Andy Richards) and I also got to know him through a mutual web page that we both post on....... ........I hope you are still with me here with all of these links.......but my point that I'm trying to make here (don't know if I'm succeeding)  is that John Knox lives in the Northfield VT area and he has inspired me in so many ways with his photography. He has shot this church in almost every season and his work has inspired me to make my own images here! Thank you to John.

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