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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Covered Bridges of Northfield Vermont

I have photographed the covered bridges in Northfield VT during the Fall, and recently visited this area to do some Spring Photography. There are 5 covered bridges in this area, and it's a wonderful place to explore with your camera.

The Station Covered Bridge:

The Lower Bridge. I was happy to be able to include the horses in these photos which I think adds such a wonderful "Vermont" feel to the images.

The Upper Bridge. In the past I have composed my shots of this bridge by shooting through the bridge towards the red house. This time I composed my shots differently and am happy with the results.

Just around the corner from these three bridges you can find the Slaughterhouse Bridge. I focused on the lilac bush up the hill from the bridge to add a Spring feel to the image.

More photos from the Northfield area will be featured in future blog posts.


  1. Wonderful composition in all of these, Carol. I have a hard time seeing a good composition for covered bridges when I'm shooting.

  2. Thank you Muffy. I know exactly what you mean about composing covered bridge shots.