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Monday, June 5, 2017

Big Falls, Troy VT

Big Falls is a large falls located in a wooded area in Troy VT. It is located off River Road. There is a large turnout along the side of the road where you can park your vehicle. We first headed to the lower part of the falls. I don't have photos to show from this area because I would have been shooting directly into the bright mid day sun. We then scrambled up some rocks and I positioned myself to get this view

We knew there had to be a higher perspective, so we headed back up to the parking area and went up the hill where we landed on a large granite slab with an 80 foot drop. Not sure if I ever mentioned it here on the blog, but I have a big fear of heights.
And this was high.
But for the sake of my photography, I sucked it up, positioned my tripod as close to the edge as my fear would allow, took a few shots, and said "I'm outa here."

Now, my friend Wayne who was accompanying me got better shots than I because he was closer to the edge on the right of the granite that we were standing on. In his shots you can actually see the water landing after it cascades through this gorge.
Wayne is braver than me........
But that's ok!!! I conquered my fear.
Briefly. :-)


  1. You did well to get these awe-inspiring photos of the falls & not risk life and limb.

  2. Thanks Cynthia. I know most people don't think twice about standing on a ledge that high, but for me it was actually a big accomplishment!