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Friday, October 17, 2014

Brownington VT/Brownington Pond

 Sunday morning of our VT trip was a beautiful Autumn morning. There was a touch of fog in the valleys, and there was bright sunshine above. The first stop we made was to photograph this beautiful tree tunnel, along Hinman Settler Road in Brownington.

A few miles up the road from here, a beautiful view opens up to the West, with views of Jay Peak off in the distance. You can also see the morning valley fog, which is typical for the time of year.

After a few miles from here, you will eventually approach Brownington Pond on your right. This is a sleepy little pond, but I got lucky on this particular morning. There was a fisherman out in his boat which provided me a nice subject to photograph. I was shooting into some harsh light, but am happy with the results of this shot.

There were also a pair of loons swimming and feeding which I was able to photograph as well.

Here is another view of the pond. This was taken with the sun over my shoulder, so the lighting was easier to control. These little cabins look to be such a peaceful get-away.

And this was just part of our beautiful Sunday morning drive. Next I will share with you some images from Holland! :-) *wink*

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