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Friday, October 24, 2014

A waterfall/ Chandler Pond Farm

Day 4 of Vermont trip:
This was the day that Mr S headed home, and I was joined by 8 of my camera club friends. We had fun right from the get-go.
Our first place we photographed was a waterfall in Sheffield VT. I believe this is an unnamed waterfall, as I can not find it listed anywhere. It surprises me, because it is a very easily accessible waterfall, and it is pretty. The lack of rainfall prevented us from seeing the full beauty that this waterfall is capable of, but it was still pretty....just not as large as I have seen it in the past.

The sun came out towards the end of our visit here, and it provided some beautiful reflections.

From here, we went to Chandler Pond Farm in of my favorite farms in the area, and the owners are always super nice and accommodating and allow us free access to the entire barnyard and property.

"I'm A Happy Dog"

Friendly kisses

"The Watchkeeper" standing watch over Chandler Pond.

There's a small trail at the top of the hill and the sun gave it a beautiful glow. This is one of my camera club friends basking in the glory of the foliage,

Pumpkins at the farmstand warmed by the golden late afternoon sunlight.

It was a great start to our camera club foliage trip.

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