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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deja Brew

Day 13/Year 2
Today was a good day! I met my friend Kathy (who I haven't spent time with in a long time....too long) at Deja Brew in Abington for breakfast. That's the first of the good part......spending time with her chatting away. It was so good to catch up. Now here's the second good part of today. She brought me gifts! Lots of gifts! A whole big gift bag full of gifts for my birthday (which was in November.......I told you I haven't seen her for a while) These weren't just any old gifts. They were so much more. Each gift had a special meaning  and they each represented special things that I like in my life......soooooo thoughtful!!!!
Here's the third good part about today. The food. And the atmosphere. At Deja Brew. It's so much more than a little coffee shop. The food is amazing. Everything is fresh and home-made. The decor is so country and homey and the workers are so friendly with a welcoming smile on their faces. If you are in the Abington area, please stop at Deja Brew for breakfast or lunch. You will not be disappointed.They are located on Rte18 across from the fire station. Please support our local small businesses!!!!
Here's the fourth and final good part about today. The workers were talking about taking a picture of the restaurant for a brochure. I overheard them. I told them I just happened to have a few pictures of the interior that I had taken while sitting there. Honestly, it is so cool how this whole thing came about. They LOVED my pictures and want to use one of them on the brochure and possibly on their me credit for the photos of course.
So, that was my good day. Not bad, huh? :-)
The Specs:
Panasonic LX3, ISO 250, 1/30, f2

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