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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day three VT trip continued.......
Friends of mine rent a house in Killington every Fall, and we try to get together each year when we are up there. This year they came up to the NEK......they arrived at our house around 10 am and we went out for a foliage/photography ride. Our first stop was to Lake Willoughby. I have photographed this lake every Fall for the past 100 (or so it seems!) years, but I never get tired of this amazing majestic view.

I changed it up a bit and looked for some different views to photograph.

This iconic sailboat is moored at the South end of Lake Willoughby every year. I'm sure every photographer who has photographed this lake has at least one picture of this sailboat in their files. Here is a different take on this often photographed sailboat.

We then drove to Island Pond and had a nice picnic lunch. Here are a few shots taken at Island Pond. I was shooting into the sun for this next image, so it is heavily processed to get out the details and colors.

We then drove up to Island Pond in search of moose. We did pass by two moose, but when turned around to go back to take pictures, they were gone back into the woods.
A few years ago, a moose viewing platform was built along Rte 105 in Bloomfield (I think). We have seen moose from this spot on a few occasions, but none on this day. Here are Mister S and my friend M in the viewing platform.

Finally, a milkweed going to seed taken from one of our stops.

It was a wonderful day spent with friends! Tomorrow's blog post will feature day one of being joined with some camera club friends in VT. Oh how much fun we had!!!!!

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