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Sunday, October 9, 2011

My laptop is still out of service, so I don't have Photoshop to process any of my wedding photos. This next image is one where I could have processed better using CS3, but I wanted to share it here anyways because it's just plain cool. The reflections were fantastic at the pond at the wedding venue. Not only were we blessed with a gorgeous almost summer-like Fall day, but we were blessed with no wind. The pond was like glass which gave the photographers some wonderful reflections to work with.
 The lighting was amazing for photographs:

Here's me and my family. I handed my camera off to Diane.....I knew it was in good hands, and she handled the lighting like a pro. The "real pro" was shooting us from a vantage point about halfway down the stairs leading to this deck, and Diane was on the upper deck shooting down on us at the same time. Thanks Diane!
So, I have posted 2 blogs tonight which catches me up for 2 days. I'll still be a day behind so I will post two again tomorrow night with more wedding stuff. I hope you're enjoying the wedding pics.


  1. The pictures are breathtaking Carol. What a stunning bride and the mother of the bride is beautiful! Can't wait to see more......

  2. Thanks Mary C! I appreciate it. The whole day was perfect!!

  3. Sooo Beautiful Carol!!!
    What an incredible day and I'm so glad we got
    to share it with you. Thank you for including us. I can't wait to see more!!!

  4. Thanks Nancy. I'm thrilled you were there to share the day with us, and I am so excited and thrilled to be a part of Miss K's upcoming wedding next Fall. I'm there for you and can give you all of the pointers you need as I am now officially an experienced mother of the bride!!! Pointer #1.......bring kleenex......lots and lots of kleenex.........

  5. It's been awhile since I've stopped glad I did today!! How gorgeous!!! Congratulations to your daughter and her new hubby. I wish them them lots of happieness!!

    My niece got married on Friday in NJ...couldn't beat the weather and we had a fantastic time! I think I'm still recovering (Irish Catholic wedding with open bar...wink, wink). ;-)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Tracy. It's great to have you visit here. Do you know I didn't have one drink at Miss J's wedding???? Not one! I'll make up for it the next wedding I go to. :-) Glad you had fun at your nieces!!!

  7. Jay Says...
    Mom, It's Mrs. J now! :)

  8. LOL Jay. I think you may be right! But, she'll always be Miss J to me!!! :-)