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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A dream from the Berkshires

The GPS had taken us on this narrow wooded road to get to the base of Mount Greylock in Western MA last week. My good friend and fellow photographer Al Utzig is known for his signature "curve in the road shots". Check out his portfolio. His work is amazing!! (Click on Portfolio to find his various albums.) You have probably noticed his influence on some of my Fall road images!
I just got home from camera club, and was looking for a recent image to post for todays photo. I found this curve in the road shot, and gave it a dreamy look.......VOILA! I love it!!!
This one's for you Al!!!! ;-)
Day 202/Year 2


  1. Carol, I really like this photo and the place. You know I like places that are in the middle of nowhere which I found particularly difficult to find in New England. Your dreamy effect is really nice and I like the sunlight on the road.