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Monday, October 10, 2011


Here are some special dance shots from the wedding. This first one just melts my heart!!!!
Day 191/Year 2
This one too!

Here is my son in law dancing with his mother, Kathy.....who is a wonderful person and Miss J is very lucky to have such a terrific mother in law!

I caught Miss J and Kaylan "having a moment" together as Steve was dancing with his Mom....just love the teary eyes!!

Miss J had requested the DJ to play the song "Grandpa" by the Judds, and each of her grampas got a turn to dance with her. It was a special moment for her.
This image was not taken by me. This was taken by my very good forever friend Nancy Carey, and I'd like to thank her for sharing it with me and allowing me to post it on my blog. It's a picture of Miss J dancing with my dad. I LOVE it!!!! Thanks Nancy!!

Here's Miss J dancing with my wonderful Father In Law

Miss J and Steve arrived in Orlando this morning at 10am and are honeymooning in Disneyworld. Tomorrow morning at 5am, Mr s and I are leaving for our own "honeymoon" for a few days. Today is our 29th wedding anniversary. I'm bringing my laptop, but if I don't get a chance to blog, don't worry about me. I'll be back in a few days. :-)


  1. Priceless!!

    Enjoy your well deserved "honeymoon".

  2. Thank you Nancy!!!!!! So glad you're able to comment again!!!