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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

17-55 mm lens Take two

With any new equipment, there is usually a learning curve, and trial and error. I took the new 17-55 mm lens out for another run today, and I'm much happier with the results. THIS is what I was expecting from this lens. Sharpness from corner to corner. As much as I have loved using the 18-200 mm lens all this time, I was missing some critical sharpness.......especially in the corners, and in the forefront of landscapes. Seems like no matter what f stop I used, I just couldn't get the sharpness that I wanted.
 I wasn't convinced with my Concord/Lexington shots that this new lens was performing to it's potential, but it was only my first time out with it, and from all of the reviews, I knew this lens was capable of more than what I got with it on that first outing. Today was better. Much better.
It was a dreary gray overcast day today, but the cold temps we've had the past few nights have finally helped the foliage colors to least the leaves that are still left on the trees. We've had a lot of leaf drop...... so this is Fall's last gasp here in SE MA. Notice how sharp this image is throughout? THAT'S what I wanted from this new lens!

These images were all taken at Jacob's Pond in Norwell MA.
Yes, I do believe that this new lens and I are going to get along very nicely! :-)


  1. OUCH...I almost poked my eyes out looking at these shots....they're soooo sharp!!! : ).
    Really, they look great. The reflections are gorgeous!
    Practice, practice,'s so much fun!!!!

  2. As always....perfection. Why can't I get nice days off like that? Rain rain go away....

  3. If it's any consolation, I will be off this weekend in the rain! (Unless of course I go up North where I might find the first snow!!) :-)

  4. but you'd get a great shot of a raindrop

  5. LOL KB!!! TRUE!!! :-) Hey, I heard something about snow around here on Saturday??? Oh I hope so!!! Snow and Fall foliage, snow and pumpkins......would be a dream come true! :-) I see you signed up and are official KB. Makes me happy!!!!