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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photojournalism at it's best :-)

Day 147/Year 2
Big happenings at WalMart today. I was shopping with my Mom in WalMart. My Dad was in the other side of the store. The fire alarms went off. They were loud! Then a voice came over the intercom telling us the store needs to be evacuated. Please make your way to the front of the store to exit.
So, Mom and I started walking to the front of the store, with everybody else. My mother was panicked. "What about your father???? Where's your father?????" I told her not to worry, that I was sure he would make his way out of the store ok. She said "But I am worried." She was sooooo upset because my father wasn't with us. It was so sweet. They worry about each other so much.
As we were exiting, we saw my father exiting the door on the left just a few feet ahead of us. Knowing my father can't see, I yelled out his name so that he knew we were there, and then we made our way over to where he was standing.
My mother wanted to go back into the store when we got the all clear message, so while we were waiting, I pulled the Nikon out of the car to document the big happenings at WalMart.
No, there was not a fire thank God!!

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